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Trip Tenerife – La Gomera: discover the island in one day excursion

excursion tenerife la gomera

Are you looking for an adventure in nature? Do you want to discover a magical place in the Canary archipelago? Come with us and book our day trip to La Gomera from Tenerife.

Discover the magical island of La Gomera, where you can enjoy nature in its purest state, learn about the history and culture of the island, and learn about the unique whistled language of the locals.

How is the excursion to La Gomera from Tenerife and back?

The excursion starts in the south of Tenerife, where we will pick you up at the meeting point closest to your hotel. Then, we will head to the port to take the fast ferry that will take us to the nearby island of La Gomera.

Once in La Gomera, we will begin our tour visiting the Roque de Agando, an impressive monolith that was formed from an ancient volcano. Then, we will enter the El Cedro forest, a fascinating place with unique vegetation, as we head to the Garajonay National Park, which is a World Heritage Site.

In the park, you will enjoy lunch at the highest point of the island, while witnessing a demonstration of the local whistling language, known as “silbo gomero“, a communication technique used by the locals for centuries.

After lunch, we will continue our tour of the island, passing through Chipude and El Cercado, and admiring the impressive Roque de Agando once again. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit the island’s capital, San Sebastián, where you will learn about the history of Christopher Columbus and his passage through the city before his voyage to the New World.

Our multilingual guide will explain everything you need to know about the places we will visit and will tell you interesting facts and curiosities about La Gomera.

After this exciting experience, we will take you back to the south of Tenerife, where we will drop you off at the meeting point closest to your hotel.

What places will you see during the visit?

A virtual tour of La Gomera before the excursion:

Roque de Agando

A rock formation on top of a mountain that was formed from an ancient volcanic eruption. With a height of 1,248 meters, it is one of the most representative symbols of the island of La Gomera.

El Cedro Forest

A lush rainforest in the heart of La Gomera. It is home to many species of endemic flora and fauna, including the Tenerife blue finch.

Garajonay National Park

A laurel forest declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. With an area of 4,015 hectares, it is home to many species of plants and animals unique in the world.

Hermigua Valley

A fertile and green valley in the north of La Gomera. It is known for its banana plantations and its mild and pleasant climate.

Highest point of La Gomera

Located at 1,487 meters above sea level, it is the perfect place to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the island. In addition, here you can witness a demonstration of the unique Gomeran whistling language.


A small village in the center of La Gomera. It stands out for its Gothic-Mudejar style church and for its impressive views of the surrounding area.

El Cercado

A picturesque village surrounded by agricultural terraces and forests. It is known for its handicrafts and for its production of palm honey, a typical product of the island.

San Sebastián de La Gomera

The capital of La Gomera and starting point of the ferry trip from Tenerife. It is famous for its historic center and for being the place where Christopher Columbus prayed before leaving for the New World.

Some curiosities and traditions of La Gomera before the trip

Get to know La Gomera and its traditions a little better before your getaway:

  1. Silbado Language: In La Gomera, the inhabitants have developed a unique whistled language called “silbo gomero” which is used to communicate throughout the ravines and valleys of the island. It was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009.
  2. The Silbo Cup: La Gomera hosts every year a whistled language championship, the Silbo Cup, where participants compete in whistling skills and understanding the Gomeran silbo.
  3. El Salto del Pastor: The Salto del Pastor is an ancestral technique used by the shepherds of La Gomera to get around the steep mountains of the island. It consists of a long pole with a metal tip at the bottom, which is driven into the ground to ensure the shepherd’s balance as he jumps from one rock to another. Although now used more as a tourist attraction, the technique is still taught and practiced by some of the island’s inhabitants.
  4. The feast of the Bajada de la Virgen de Guadalupe: is a celebration held every five years in honor of the patron saint of the island, the Virgin of Guadalupe. For several days, processions, live music, dances and other cultural activities take place.
  5. The Drum Dance: is a traditional dance that is performed in several localities of the island, in which the dancers rhythmically beat drums and perform a series of steps and coordinated movements.
  6. Typical gastronomy: The gastronomy of La Gomera is rich and varied, with typical dishes such as almogrote, a cheese, garlic and tomato paste; potaje de berros, a soup of watercress, chickpeas and potatoes; and escaldón de gofio, a porridge of corn flour and fish broth. In addition, being surrounded by the sea, the island offers fresh fish such as wreckfish, grouper and vieja. Desserts are also a delight, with options such as bienmesabe, a sweet made of almonds and honey, and frangollo, a dessert made of milk, corn flour and sugar.

Important information for the getaway to La Gomera from Tenerife

  • Free cancellation: you can cancel your tour reservation up to 24 hours in advance and receive a full refund.
  • Book now and pay later: you will be able to reserve your place immediately without being charged today.
  • Flexible plans: in case you need to change the date of your excursion, you will be able to do it without any problem.
  • Duration: the excursion lasts 9 hours, so we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.
  • No queuing at the ticket office: you will be able to access the places we visit without having to queue at the ticket office.
  • Multilingual guide: the tour guide will speak several languages so you can enjoy the activity in your preferred language.
  • Pick-up service included: we will pick you up at the meeting point closest to your hotel.
  • What to bring: do not forget to bring your passport or identity card, as it will be necessary to access the ferry. In addition, we recommend that you bring warm clothes, as it can be cold in some parts of the island.

With all these precautions and facilities, you can enjoy your excursion to La Gomera from Tenerife with total tranquility and comfort. Do not wait any longer and book your place now!