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Hotels in El Médano, South Tenerife

Enjoy a stay at the highest level of comfort in the best hotels in El Médano.

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The best hotels in El Médano

hotel ventus el medano

Hotel Ventus, El Médano

Hotel in the centre of El Médano but in a quiet area. Single rooms, double rooms and complete flats.

How to choose a hotel in El Médano?

You’re coming on holiday to El Médano and you want your hotel stay to be perfect. We know, that’s why we’re going to give you 4 key tips to choose the best accommodation for your needs.

1. Know what you want

The first thing to do when planning a trip is to know what kind of experience you want to have: are you looking for a 5 star hotel to come with your partner or a room with a sea view, a hotel for the whole family or maybe a budget hotel? Dream of your ideal room and hotel, but always be realistic.

Once you know what you want, it’s time to ask yourself how much money you can spend on your hotel in El Médano. Is accommodation the most essential part of your trip? Should you save on accommodation to spend more on experiences?

These questions will help you visualize what you want and what is possible. Then you can move on to the second tip of this guide to hotels in El Medano.

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2. Book your hotel on trusted platforms

We recommend that to book your hotel in El Médano you use a trusted platform such as

It is essential to know how the payment is processed, to have a clear cancellation policy and to receive the booking confirmation by email, preferably written in your own language.

Small details make a big difference, that’s why the Booking platform is the leading hotel booking engine of the moment.

There are many more booking platforms, but we prefer to make things easy. That’s why we chose Booking as the hotel booking platform integrated in

3. Compare before you book

Some travelers say this is the most complicated part of booking a hotel. Yes, it can be, but if you follow the first tip (know what you want, what you need and what you can afford) comparing hotels in El Medano will be easy.

For this we have created a specific section for each of the hotels, where you will see all the information you need before booking.

In addition, within booking you can apply filters to make your life easier (prices, opinions, location, stars, amenities…).

What should you look out for? Apart from the photos, here are some things to look out for when choosing the perfect accommodation:

  • Price: check if it fits your travel budget and if it is good value for money. Couples, families and groups of friends can find better prices by booking a private room (family or group) in a budget hotel rather than booking single beds in a hostel dorm. Booking a luxury hotel? Compare all rates, as they often have amazing perks included in their rooms.
  • Stars: remember that you can’t compare a 3-star guesthouse with a 5-star hotel. What they offer is different, so it will be the price and the experience.
  • Reviews: this is a crucial factor for us. Read the most recent reviews and comments, check the number of bad reviews versus good ones. See if they mention anything in particular that might be important to you like a good bed, or an adults-only hotel. Or something you want to avoid, such as too many stairs or low-pressure showers.
  • Location: Is the location of the hotel good for you? Sometimes it can be in a nice area but not good for the purpose of your trip.
  • Transport: a hotel gets extra points when it is close to public transport or when it is easy to get to/from Tenerife South airport. If you are booking a resort or luxury stay, don’t forget to check if they offer a transfer or pick-up service.
  • Facilities and services: does the hotel have a swimming pool, gym or restaurant, do you need all of these, or is it better to book a smaller hotel with fewer services and better prices? It all goes back to the first tip, what you want for your perfect stay.
  • Breakfast: if you’re worried about your travel budget, it’s worth thinking about what it would cost you to eat breakfast outside the hotel and compare it to the difference in price between a room with breakfast included and one without. Check out the best cafés in El Médano.
  • Cancellation and payment policy: things can change, trips can be cancelled, and you certainly don’t want to lose money. Check the cancellation policy before booking your room and, if possible, choose a hotel that has the most comprehensive one. Payment is also essential. Check whether the establishment will charge your credit card in advance or whether payment can be made at check-in.

Contact your hotel for any specific request4. Contact your hotel for any specific request

Now that you’ve chosen your accommodation and clicked the booking button, think about whether you need anything else.

Simple requests, like making sure you get a double bed instead of two singles, asking for a non-smoking room, or telling them you’ll be late, can be taken care of with a quick message.

Use the messaging service available on the booking platform to talk to the facility and make special requests. The chances of getting what you want or need are much higher if you ask for it in advance than if you arrive at the reception and ask for a miracle.

Now you know which hotel in El Médano is best for you according to your needs 😉

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