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Hiking in El Médano

Put on some comfortable shoes and explore unique natural landscapes in the world. Discover the best hiking trails in El Médano.

Best hiking routes and trails in El Médano

Tips for hiking in El Médano

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Remember that El Médano and the whole of the south of Tenerife is an area where the sun hits a lot, so it is essential that you take a few things into account before starting your hiking route.

Eat something and hydrate yourself before you start the walk, but don’t eat too much! Don’t forget to drink water and eat foods with carbohydrates and sugars to recharge your energy. Good fruit such as Canary Island bananas are a great option.

To protect yourself from the sun, don’t forget to apply sun cream and bring some accessories such as sunglasses or a cap. If it is the middle of summer or the temperatures are very high, it is advisable to do your hiking route through El Médano first thing in the morning, when it is still cool.

The landscape in the south of Tenerife is desert-like. Although there are trees growing in the area, you will not find many shady places. That is why it is important to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, as we will be walking for a long time in this area.

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Good comfortable shoes are essential. The best are light and resistant trainers.

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Take with you a small backpack where you can carry a bottle of water to refresh yourself along the way. Although there are routes along the coast and you can swim in the sea at any time, other routes such as the Cueva del Santo Hermano Pedro are inland. It is here when that bottle of water will taste like glory during the hike.

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Finally, don’t forget to bring your mobile phone with battery for two reasons: one, in case you get lost (although it’s unlikely) and the other, to take the best photos. Document your hiking route through El Médano with the best pictures. You’ll have amazing memories and you’ll be the envy of Instagram 😛

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