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The Montaña Roja of El Médano, an emblem of the island of Tenerife

hiking montaña roja

If you come to El Médano you can’t leave without taking a walk through the Montaña Roja Special Nature Reserve, a unique volcanic landscape that seems to be from another planet.

Route to the top of the Red Mountain

The volcano Montaña Roja has a height of 171 meters and is the icon of the village of El Médano, the highest point in the area. Climbing to its summit is not at all complicated and is a must-do hiking route if you come this way.

When you get to the top you can enjoy incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean in front of you.

On the right you can see the beach of La Tejita and its entire length.

If you turn around you will see the village of El Médano and part of the south of the island of Tenerife (you can even see the peak of Teide) from a privileged position.

You will also see part of the municipality of Granadilla de Abona and the runway of Tenerife South Airport (Reina Sofia International Airport).

Views of the village of El Médano

The climb is not complicated and is suitable for everyone. However, we recommend wearing sunscreen or a cap to protect you from the sun.

Climbing up the Montaña Roja trail

Montaña Roja Nature Reserve

reserva natural montaña roja charco aves

The Red Mountain Special Nature Reserve also includes the surrounding wilderness of up to 166 hectares.

The landscape is so peculiar because of the type of rock that forms it and its humid areas with puddles, which make it a perfect habitat for different species of protected birds.

The vegetation of the area includes no less than 136 different plant species (some of them endangered).

The combination of the geology of the terrain together with the plants so characteristic of the mid-desert area form a natural landscape that seems to be from another planet.

Park of sistmites

One of the most characteristic areas is the sismite park, a phenomenon that occurred 3,500 years ago after an earthquake of 6.8 degrees. The movement raised part of the sand and water giving them that cylindrical shape.

montaña roja reserva natural
Montaña Roja Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve is well prepared for a good walk or a run if you are a runner. It has paths and trails with rocks on the sides that show you the way, as well as wooden signs that blend in perfectly with the nature of the terrain.

You can walk from El Médano to the beach of La Tejita in just half an hour on foot, enjoying these paths and passing by the Montaña Roja if you decide not to climb it directly.

Red Mountain Nature Reserve Trails

Montaña Roja combines the natural landscape with the sea, being one of the best hiking routes in the area. You’ll enjoy the nature and the characteristic stamp of El Médano created by kitesurfers with their kites.

The Bocinegro (Blackmouth)

Next to the Red Mountain is the Bocinegro: a small mountain that complements the image of the Red Mountain when viewed from the village.

It is also part of the Nature Reserve and has trails and signposts to climb it easily in a matter of minutes.

bocinegro montaña roja medano

If you walk through the Bocinegro you will discover bunkers from the Second World War.

bocinegro bunker
World War II Bunker at the Bocinegro

If you don’t climb Montaña Roja, at least climb the Bocinegro and enjoy the views! It’s not uncommon to find people running from El Médano and climbing the Bocinegro to complete their running session. It’s the perfect height for average runners, so if you’re a regular runner you should be able to run up it without any problems.

It is also perfect to climb it with children or elderly people walking effortlessly.

Climbing the Red Mountain running is another level! Although there are some who can do it.

How to get there

To get to Montaña Roja you will have to walk, although you can leave your car in the car park or in El Médano and walk more or less.

Take a look at the map.

el medano montaña roja como llegar
Map of the route

If you are staying in El Médano, I recommend you to fasten your trainers, walk along the beach, cross the nature reserve and then climb the Montaña Roja.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to go by car, it is best to leave it in the parking lot of the beach of La Tejita and then walk a few minutes.

Montaña Roja and La Tejita beach are landscapes that need to be protected as they have been declared special nature reserves and areas of ecological sensitivity. Don’t litter and help to keep the landscape clean! 🙂

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