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Playa Chica, a charming spot in El Médano

  • Length: 100 metres
  • Width: 15 metres
  • Type: Dark sandy beach and rocky areas.
  • Access: Easy
  • Parking: Yes (between 50 and 100 spaces)
  • Bus: Yes
  • Toilets: No
  • Showers or footbaths: Yes
  • Litter bins: Yes
  • Sun loungers and parasols for hire: No

The Playa Chica de El Médano is a corner that has a special charm. A small beach integrated in the centre of the village, surrounded by restaurants and with an area where you can take shelter from the wind when it blows from the north.

It is located next to the Red Square and is the ideal place to take a dip in the sea and sunbathe without leaving the village.

Playa Chica Hotel

Hotel in Playa Chica, overlooking the sea and in the center of town.

7 private apartments, ideal for families and groups.

A walk through Playa Chica (Small Beach)

Playa Chica. El Medano.

The sea is calm and the colourful boats create that seafaring atmosphere that is the hallmark of El Médano.

Views of Playa Chica from the Picacho. Image by Brian Quinn

The Playa Chica has a sandy area and a smooth stone area perfect for sunbathing. There is a bench to sit against the wall and contemplate the sea and the Red Mountain.

Some days there are small waves perfect for surfing with a longboard or paddle-surfing.

Surfing in Playa Chica

From Playa Chica you can see a spectacular sunset. The sky is tinged with reddish and golden hues as the sun sets over the horizon, bathing the water in a warm, golden light. The sun’s rays reflect off the waves, creating a dance of light and shadow on the water. The air is filled with the salty scent of the sea and birdsong. It is a moment of peace and tranquility, perfect for enjoying the beauty of nature.

Fishing port in front of Playa Chica

The pier of El Médano

Playa Chica is in front of the fishing pier. You can walk there in a minute and even swim without difficulty.

The pier is another ideal place to sunbathe and enjoy a swim. It is common to see fishermen casting their rods on the pier and kids jumping from the top doing somersaults.

There are stairs that go straight down to the water, where you can snorkel among the rocks and colorful fish.

How to get there?

The Playa Chica Restaurant

restaurante playa chica
The famous Playa Chica restaurant

The atmosphere around Playa Chica is lively, especially at lunchtime and in the afternoon, when people stroll around and the terraces are full.

On the same beach is the Playa Chica Restaurant, which gives the place a seafaring touch with that characteristic facade.

This restaurant is an emblem of El Médano. Inside it has a high terrace overlooking the sea to enjoy the views.

Its specialities are fish, seafood and traditional Canarian recipes. Good raw material, good customer service and good prices. One of the best rated restaurants in El Médano.

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