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Kayak rental in La Caleta, Adeje

kayak la caleta adeje tenerife

La Caleta is the ideal spot to rent a kayak and sail to three beautiful hidden coves in the south of Tenerife: Playa Morteros, Playa Hernandez and El Puertito.

They are hidden corners that are not accessible by road and whose paths on foot are wild and steep, so a kayak is the best option to discover them.

The best kayaking route from La Caleta

ruta kayak la caleta adeje

Follow the route step by step and discover these hidden gems of Tenerife:

1. The village of La Caleta

la caleta tenerife

Once you have rented the kayak, the starting point is the village of La Caleta, a hidden pearl of the island of Tenerife.

It is a small fishing village of white houses and calm turquoise water, near Costa Adeje.

2. Los Morteros Beach

Playa Los Morteros adeje

Playa Los Morteros is a rocky cove with crystal clear water and an impressive seabed that is not easily accessible by land.

It is naturally protected from the waves, making it an ideal place to kayak comfortably and safely.

An ideal route for beginners, as it is only 20 minutes away from La Caleta.

3. Diego Hernandez Beach

Playa Diego Hernández adeje

It is a beach of fine white sand ideal for a break and practice nudism.

Diego Hernandez Beach is 30 minutes away from La Caleta by kayak, we recommend you to go when the tide is low!

4. El Puertito

El Puertito adeje

El Puertiro, also known as Turtle Bay, is about an hour’s kayak ride from La Caleta, but it’s definitely worth the trip.

One of the most beautiful villages in Tenerife where you can see sea turtles and snorkel with them.


HoursKajak individuell / Tabla PaddlesurfDouble kayak
1 h20€30€
2 h30€45€
3 h40€55€
4 h50€65€
5 h60€75€

Group packages available

Neoprene wetsuit5€
Waterproof bag3€
Snorkeling equipment5€

You can also rent a variety of VACWAY packages to ensure your phone doesn’t get wet or lost. For a complete price list, please visit the booking calendar.

Tips for kayaking in La Caleta

Never been in a kayak before? Don’t worry, it’s very easy to handle and in a matter of minutes you’ll know how to do it.

Of course, it is essential to know how to swim in case you fall into the water at some point.

We leave you with some tips for kayaking in La Caleta:

1. Test in calm water

La Caleta is a place where the sea is calm, so it is a perfect place to make small kayak handling tests before going out to the open sea.

We recommend that you spend a few minutes testing the kayak near the coast, either alone in a single kayak or accompanied in a double kayak.

2. Know where the points of interest are located.

If you want to see the beaches of Los Morteros and Diego Hernandez or go to El Puertito, do not hesitate to ask us and we will give you all the indications before you start sailing.

If you prefer, you can also take a look at Google Maps to find your way around.

3. Bring water and some food

We recommend that you bring some water and food for the route to keep you hydrated and energetic.

A bottle of water and some fruit or nuts will come in handy.

4. Sailing tips

  • Adopt a comfortable position by bending your knees slightly and placing them on the sides of the kayak for stability and power in your strokes.
  • Hold the paddle as if it were the handlebars of a bicycle, firm but relaxed, without being too tight.
  • To paddle correctly, bring the paddle blade close to the height of your feet and pull it backwards until it is out of the water. If you want to row backwards, do the same movement but in the opposite direction.
  • To turn left, paddle to the right; and to turn right, paddle to the left.
  • To stop the kayak, place your paddle firmly in the water and hold it there to slow the boat to a complete stop.

Now we are! Shall we go to the water?

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