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Submarine Safari in Tenerife – An underwater excursion

submarino tenerife inmersion

The submarine excursion in Tenerife offers a unique opportunity to explore these hidden secrets, providing an experience that will undoubtedly change your perspective on the underwater world.

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We then take you step-by-step through this underwater adventure, from the moment you are picked up at your hotel to the moment you receive a personalised certificate commemorating your journey to the bottom of the ocean.

What does the submarine safari consist of?

🚌 Pick up and Transfer to the Port

Your adventure begins with the comfort of being picked up directly from your hotel. On board a bus, you will be transferred to the port of Marina San Miguel, a charming place located between the urbanisations of Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf. This trip is not only the start of your underwater adventure, but also an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Tenerife has to offer.

🚢 Embarking on the Yellow Submarine

Upon arrival at the harbour, you will meet the yellow submarine that will be your underwater exploration vehicle. This submarine, equipped with 42 comfortable seats and 22 large panoramic windows, is designed to offer an unparalleled visual experience. The excitement begins to build as you settle into your seat and the submarine prepares to dive.

🌊 Immersion

Once everyone is on board and ready, the submarine will begin its descent to the seabed. As the submarine dives, you can watch through the glass windows as the aquatic environment changes and sunlight filters through the water, creating a spectacle of colours and shadows. The submarine’s spacious, air-conditioned cabin ensures your experience is as comfortable as it is fascinating.

🤿 Underwater Exploration

At a depth of approximately 30 metres, the submarine moves slowly to allow you to contemplate the marine life in its natural habitat. An expert guide will accompany you on the trip, revealing the secrets of Tenerife South’s marine biodiversity and the importance of its conservation. This is a moment of learning and amazement as you discover the wonders hidden beneath the sea.

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  • Audioguide languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Spanish

🐠 Close Encounter with Marine Life

At one point, a professional diver will approach the submarine to feed the fish, creating a stunning display of life and colour before your eyes. This interaction offers a unique insight into underwater life and is one of the highlights of the excursion.

📜 Conclusion of the Dive and Certificate of Adventure

After approximately 50 minutes under the sea, the submarine will begin its ascent back to the surface. At the end of the dive, you will receive a personalised certificate attesting to your adventure under the Atlantic. This certificate is not only a souvenir of your experience, but also a testimony of your participation in a unique adventure that you can proudly share with your family and friends.

🏠 Return to the Hotel

Once the submarine has returned to the Marina San Miguel harbour, you will be transferred back to your hotel by bus. This return trip gives you the opportunity to reflect on the incredible experience you have just had and the wonderful creatures you have had the privilege of observing up close.

The yellow submarine “Sub Fun Five”.

The Sub Fun Cinco is a yellow submarine that redefines underwater exploration with its advanced technology and commitment to the environment. A marvel of modern engineering, this submarine offers a safe, comfortable and exciting experience to discover the secrets that lie beneath the waves of the Atlantic.

🌊 Eco-Friendly Technology

The Sub Fun Cinco stands out as a 100% electric submarine, free of oil, exhaust fumes and pollution. Worth more than 3 million euros, this submarine is not only a testament to technological innovation but also to a firm commitment to the preservation of the marine environment.

🛠️ Design and Comfort

Designed and built in Finland, the Sub Fun Cinco is 18.5 metres long, 4 metres wide and 6.5 metres high, and has a total weight of 106 tonnes. Its spacious cabin and the maintenance of normal atmospheric conditions inside ensure that all passengers, regardless of their particular conditions, can enjoy the dive with complete peace of mind.

🪟 Panoramic Windows

Equipped with 22 windows of 800 mm diameter spread along its sides and 2 lookouts of 1600 mm diameter at each end, the Sub Fun Five guarantees spectacular views of marine life, allowing passengers to visually immerse themselves in the vibrant underwater ecosystem without getting wet.

🚀 Capacity and Security

With a capacity for 48 passengers and crew, this submarine is designed to dive to a maximum depth of 60 metres. Safety is paramount: it has six 15K/Watt engines and all its systems are duplicated, ensuring a safe underwater experience. In addition, it maintains constant communication with a surface control vessel to ensure smooth operation.

🏆 Proven experience

With over 30,000 dives and close to 1 million satisfied passengers, the Sub Fun Cinco is testament to an underwater experience like no other. Every trip is an opportunity to explore the unknown underwater world of Tenerife, making every dive an unforgettable adventure.

Where is the submarine?

  • Location: Marina San Miguel, 38639, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Frequently asked questions

What kind of environment will I find inside the submarine to alleviate my claustrophobia?

The interior design of the submarine is spacious and well-lit, similar to an airplane, with a central aisle and seats facing large windows to ensure a spectacular view. Although it’s common to feel some anxiety before diving, the experience inside the submarine is designed to be comfortable and reassuring.

During our submarine adventure, will we have the opportunity to see a variety of marine life?

Definitely. The diving area is a rich ecosystem full of marine biodiversity, offering a unique experience every day. While the specific fauna may vary, the abundance of marine life is consistently impressive.

I have hearing problems, can I dive in the submarine without worries?

Absolutely. The submarine maintains normal atmospheric conditions inside, eliminating any risk for people with ear problems. You can enjoy this unique experience with total safety and comfort.

How long does the complete submarine trip experience last?

The total duration of the submarine trip, including boarding and disembarking, is approximately one hour. This time allows you to fully enjoy the dive and explore the surroundings of the marina before and after the trip.

Is it safe for pregnant women to participate in this submarine experience?

Yes, pregnant women can dive without any risks, thanks to the safe conditions onboard the submarine.

Will the experience in the submarine cause seasickness or claustrophobia?

There’s no need to worry about seasickness or claustrophobia, as the submarine operates below the surface, avoiding the typical undulating movement of boats that can cause discomfort.

Is transportation included in the price of the submarine trip?

Yes, we provide bus transportation to and from specific pickup points, all included in the price of your submarine adventure.

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