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Surf in Las Americas – The best surfing in Tenerife South

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There are few ways to connect with nature, your body and your mind than surfing. Las Américas (Tenerife South) is the ideal place to give surfing lessons whether you are a beginner or already surfing. A unique experience that will not only make you enjoy the present, but will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

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The best surf lessons and courses in Las Americas

🏄 Playa de las Américas: Private or small group surfing class

Want to perfect your skills or learn to surf in a more intimate setting? Book private or small group lessons, with a maximum of six participants. For two hours, immerse yourself in the beauty of Tenerife while learning to master the waves. This school provides you with all the necessary equipment and guarantees a safe and fun learning experience, all with the convenience of free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance and the flexibility to book now and pay later.

🏄 Tenerife: Surf lessons for all levels with photos in Las Américas

Book a personalised experience with private lessons for surfers of all levels, and as icing on the cake, include photos of your adventure! Also lasting two hours, this experience not only teaches you how to surf, but also allows you to take home visual reminders of your achievements. Like the first option, this school promises flexibility in booking and cancellation, as well as including all the necessary equipment.

Webcam Las Americas – Check if there are waves to surf

Surf spots in Playa Las Americas


Palm Tree Left is renowned for being the best left wave on the island, featuring a reef point that generates a left-shaped wave capable of forming more than three sections, offering a variety of manoeuvres. It is famous for its spectacular aerial jumps and kamikaze manoeuvres, especially when the tide is high and the wave becomes shallow. Known locally as “Palmera”, this wave is an icon in the world surfing community and is noted for being the venue for major competitions. Although it is a very localised wave, it is a must for experienced surfers looking for unique challenges.


Gancito presents itself as a perfect, shallow, right-handed wave, located in front of Playa Papagayo and next to Palmera. This beautiful wave promises performance and fun, but its appearance depends on the northwest swell exceeding two metres; otherwise, it does not break properly. It’s a fantastic option for those days when the sea conditions are just right.


Considered the most popular wave among beginner and intermediate surfers, El Medio is a left-handed wave that becomes perfect in northwest swell and medium tide. With more than three surfable sections, this wave is the ideal starting point for surfers who want to take their passion for surfing more seriously. Although it can be crowded, it offers a less competitive and more accessible atmosphere.


La Fitenia, with its exposed reef break, is ideal for intermediate surfers looking for left and right waves without facing big challenges. Located between Las Americas and Los Cristianos, this wave offers consistent conditions throughout the year, being especially attractive during spring and summer. Although it is accessible, surfers should be careful when the swell exceeds five feet, as the wave can become dangerous.


Opposite the famous Metropolis bar, the Derecha wave is considered the best right hand wave in the area, offering epic conditions for unforgettable days of surfing. However, it is important to use caution, especially during high tides, as the reef becomes very shallow and dangerous. This wave is recommended for local and professional surfers only due to its high difficulty and risk of injury.


The Bunker is the perfect choice for those who prefer shallow, easy-to-surf waves, activating at the slightest hint of a north-westerly swell. Although access can be challenging, it offers the possibility of surfing both left and right during high tides. Named after the war bunker in front of it, this wave promises a unique experience, suitable for those up for a moderate challenge.

Wave forecast in Las Americas

Find out if there will be waves in the next few days:

Why is Las Americas the ideal place to surf?

Las Americas is a surfer’s paradise. Here there are waves for the brave who are looking for a challenge and also for the novice who is just getting to grips with the board. Each spot has its own charm, from the pure adrenaline of Izquierda de la Palmera to the friendly welcome of El Medio.

The climate is a dream

Forget about thick suits and cold surfing. In Las Americas, the sun shines practically all year round. That means that, apart from incredible waves, you’ll enjoy an enviable climate that invites you to stay in the water until your body says enough is enough.

Surfing community and good vibes

Here you don’t just come to surf; you come to be part of a passionate community that lives and breathes surfing. Whether it’s sharing waves, sharing tips or just chatting on the shore, you’ll feel that unique atmosphere that only the surfing community can offer you.

Luxury post-surfing

After a good surf session, what could be better than relaxing in one of the many coffee shops or bars in the area? Las Americas offers you that and much more. Find your new favourite spot to eat, drink and share stories of your adventures in the sea.

An explorer’s paradise

And if you ever decide to give your surfing muscles a break, Las Americas is surrounded by natural wonders ready to be explored. Mountains, hidden beaches and charming villages are all within easy reach. Las Americas is not just a surfing destination; it’s a complete adventure.

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